Labour & Employment

  • The key issue in the sphere of labor law today is the adoption of the Labor Code and the business acclimatization in connection with the coming changes
  • Incentive programs, motivational schemes and payment plans
  • Creation of an individualised road map for the draft of Labor Code
  • Risk assessment for hiring, transferring and dismissing personnel at all levels, including senior and top management
  • Assisting in international mobility of executive personnel and compliance of the procedure with labour, corporate and tax laws
  • Employment agreements and contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, service provision agreements
  • Layoffs and the peaceful settlements
  • Placement of foreign workers, registration of work permits
  • Collective agreements, strikes and trade unions
  • Staff transfer, downsizing, restructuring
  • Compensation programs, taxation, local policies
  • Labour disputes
  • Disciplinary proceedings

Key contacts

Partner, Head of litigation and dispute resolution