Enforcement proceedings

  • Executive system reform requires the rapid adaptation of specialists to the new legislative requirements for the qualitative provision of services and ensuring the full implementation of court decisions
  • Services for clients-claimants: 
    • Applying a complex of legal resources in enforcement proceedings
    • Analysing scope of ensuring contractual obligations when concluding transactions
    • Preparation of optimal options for obtaining executive documents
    • Кisk assessment and client’s position optimisation within enforcement actions
    • Support of the procedure for registration of the right to property and other rights in enforcement proceedings
    • Legal support and securing the resolution of non-property disputes
    • Preparation and implementation of interim measures in the judicial process
    • Debtor’s criminal prosecution for persistent failure to comply with a court decision
  • Services for clients-debtors: 
    • Recoursing the executive document
    • Recoursing the actions of the enforcer
    • Recoursing property valuation
    • Recoursing public tenders
    • Enforcement proceedings halt
    • Suspension (instalment) of the execution of the decision
  • Разработка комплексной стратегии:
    • Analysis of documents and preparation of applications for proceedings commencement
    • Analysis of enforcement proceedings
  • Legal support of enforcement proceedings: 
    • Enforcer’s actions control
    • Preparation of necessary documents
    • Participation in executive actions
    • Identification of the debtor’s property
    • Counteracting debtor’s collusion with the enforcers
  • Appealing against enforcer’s actions (inactions): 
    • Administrative appeal
    • Judicial review
    • Damages recovery

Key contacts

Partner, Head of litigation and dispute resolution
Senior Associate, Attorney