Valentyn Zagariya specifies nine rules of effective talent management

Employees are undoubtedly the basic asset of a law firm. It is not only about lawyers. Today law offices incorporate a great number of different functional departments, and the success of a company depends on well-coordinated work of those departments.

Valentyn Zagariya, managing partner at Spenser & Kauffmann, discovered secrets of effective talent management as part of the workshop organised by the Real Jurisprudence School.

“Today it is not enough for lawyers to work well and hope that the word-of-mouth marketing will continuously allow them to attract new customers,” he noted. “Therefore, a proper management of both key practices and support departments (marketing, HR, IT, or sales) is crucial to the promotion and development of any law firm. The success depends directly on well-coordinated work of all those different functional departments.”

In addition, Valentyn Zagariya told about key secrets of efficient work that allowed the Spenser & Kauffman team to become leaders in the legal market.

They can be tentatively divided into nine essential rules:

– give employment to people who are smarter than you are;

– form creative and proactive teams;

– delegate field-specific tasks;

– check whether interim deadlines are met;

– care for your corporate culture;

– trust people;

– offer an incentive to people who deserve it;

– do not judge but arbitrate; and

– cultivate people who are passionate about your company.

“Although the rules are evident, it is not always easy to implement them in practice,” Valentyn Zagariya said. “But this is what a MANAGING partner is expected to do. A sound talent management will surely bring results exceeding your expectations.”