Valentyn Zagariya discussed legal function management issues

What is the added value of legal advice on business processes? Is it possible to ensure an effective cooperation between the legal function, top management and other functions of a company? How has the development of IT technologies influenced counsel work? How the scope of responsibilities of internal and external counsel can be separated? What are other issues related to the purchase of legal services?

These issues were addressed at the ‘Legal Function Management’ panel discussion paving the way for the V Annual Counsel Forum. Senior Partner of Spenser & Kauffmann Valentyn Zagariya moderated the panel discussion.

The parties to the discussion included, without limitation, Leonid Bortnychuk, Head of Legal of Ukrposhta PJSC, Irina Kravtsova, Head of Legal of L’Oreal Ukraine LLC, Oleksandr Haiduchik, Head of Legal of AutoCapital (company representing the interests of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine), and Ivan Lohoida, Deputy Head of Legal of IMC.

One of the essential reasons why people consult external counsel is a chance to hear unpleasant things. That was the opinion Mr Zagariya voiced during the discussion. Mr Lohoida endorsed his view. The latter noted that looking a situation with distant eyes could sometimes put businesses wise about many issues. Mr Bortnychuk agreed with them, saying that external lawyers can do in-house lawyers a service by sending necessary messages to the management that sometimes turn a deaf ear to internal law experts.

The V Annual Counsel Forum is a specialised event designed for the heads of legal departments of companies. The event is organised by the office of Yuridicheskaya Praktika newspaper. Spenser & Kauffmann is the general partner of the forum.