“Spenser & Kauffmann” Attorneys at Law will collaborate with Children’s Ombudsman to protect children from criminal offenses.

Partner at “Spenser & Kauffmann” Attorneys at Law Yuriy Petrenko and Children’s Ombudsman Nick Kuleba signed a Memorandum of Collaboration.  The purpose of the document is to strengthen legal protection of children from criminal offenses.

The document foresees carrying out of joint activities and projects, aimed at practical implementation of provisions in the Ukrainian Constitution, Declaration on the rights of the Child, Convention on the rights of the Child as well as other domestic and international laws and regulations.

In particular, it is planned to organize training activities on rights protection for teenagers, provision of real legal support, clarification and consultation on issues, affecting interests of children in order to prevent them from criminal offenses. It is also planned to monitor the status of ensuring rights and freedoms of the child in order to protect from criminal attacks as well as to study and summarize cases, which can indicate violations of the rights and freedoms of the child.

It is expected to have a separated section to cover development of agreed suggestions and recommendations to draft laws and other regulations in the field of children’s rights protection as well as suggestions to strengthen protection (representation) of rights of children in conflict with a law or children who became witnesses or victims of a crime.

“The role of lawyers in ensuring protection of rights and freedoms of the child as well as implementation of fair system of justice can hardly be overestimated”, – said Yuriy Petrenko. We expect to initiate an open dialogue between judges, prosecutors, investigators, community and others… We expect to have a dialogue to strengthen legal protection of children’s rights in criminal procedures with his involvement. The purpose of our activity and our support is not only an immediate response to violation of children’s rights, but also efficient prevention of such violations.

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s rights ensures implementation by the President of Ukraine of the constitutional powers to ensure compliance with constitutional rights of children as well as implementation of international obligations by Ukraine in this area.