Light and Space: Valentyn Zagariya about the history of Spenser & Kauffmann office style

Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorneys at Law, moved to their new office at the 14th floor of Karnegie Business Center (located at Klovskyi Spusk) on the eve of the Company’s 5th anniversary – in early August 2011.

Valentyn Zagariya, the Managing Partner at Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorneys at Law, about the concept of the company’s office style for Ukrayinskyi Yurist, a periodical:

– The premises design as developed by professionals reflects the idea of ultimate transparency. Minimum office partitions and extreme fresh air: a vast open space, where the company’s lawyers come together to discuss and develop solutions for clients, partner rooms, meeting rooms, which, although being separate rooms, are separated from the main premises by glass doors only. No walls inside – only light and space!

The concept laid down in the office design provided for different architectural interior solutions: concrete ceiling and support pillars, unhidden ventilation systems and wood floor are in perfect harmony with modern furniture, appliances and lighting. All electronics and appliances are integrated into the ‘smart home’ system.

Their 10th anniversary falling at August 4, Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorneys at Law, will celebrate in expanded format. The heavy growth of the company made us to solve the problem of placing new counsels and lawyers – it emerged that one floor of the business center was not enough.

Currently we bring our office at the 15th floor in line with our corporate style. In addition to standard partner and lawyer rooms this office space will incorporate the lounge-zone for clients and staff recreation.