Nickolas Likhachov will teach lawyers skills and strategy of cross-border assets search

The Expert Board for Accreditation and Certification at the Ukrainian National Bar Association reported that Nickolas Likhachov, an Attorney at Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorneys at Law, qualified for arranging / conducting a series of advanced training sessions related to the Strategy and Tactics of Cross-Border Assets Search for Ukrainian lawyers.

Mr. Likhachov obtained a relevant certificate from the Ukrainian National Bar Association by virtue of the relevant Expert Board decision.

We recall that cross-border asset search is exactly the matter Mr. Likhachov is focused on as part his professional activities. More specifically, he delivered a report on this topic during the II Legal Banking Forum organized by Yuridicheskaya Praktika, a periodical.

The cross-border asset search was exactly the issue addressed at the breakfast meeting organized by Spenser & Kauffman, Attorneys at Law, on April 20. Apart from Mr. Likhachov, the speakers of the event included international experts from Austria and the United Kingdom specialized in asset search.

To learn about how often Ukrainian banks place orders for cross-border asset search, see Mr. Likhachov’s interview ’50 Top Ukrainian Banks 2016′ for a specialized publication.

According to the Law of Ukraine on the Bar and Practice of Law, a lawyer shall continuously improve his/her professional skills as part of his/her practice of law.

The Bar Council of Ukraine in their decision N 85 dated February 16, 2013 approved the Procedure for Advanced Professional Training of Ukrainian Lawyers whereby the Ukrainian National Bar Association shall arrange and conduct advanced professional training events for lawyers, more specifically, provide accreditation of events and promoters and certification of experts.

To provide high-quality organizational and methodological support for advanced professional training of lawyers, the Expert Board for Accreditation and Certification was established. The Board is in charge of providing organizational and methodological support in terms of accreditation of professional advanced training programs and certification of persons qualified to organize and / or carry out activities aimed at improving the professional skills of lawyers, accreditation and certification.

Everyone certified by the Ukrainian National Bar Association can be engaged as a speaker, expert, coach or lecturer in advanced professional training events organized by the Ukrainian National Bar Association and other entities accredited by the Expert Board.