Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorneys at Law, conducted the Dispute Resolution Workshop

The other day Spenser & Kauffmann, Attorney at Law, conducted at their office the final session as part of the series of ‘Dispute Resolution Workshops’. These series of workshops was conducted for Ukrainian students by Andrey Gvozdetskiy, a Senior Associate of the Company, under the auspices of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

We recall that only seven of approximately fifty students from six Universities (Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Institute of International Relations, National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, National University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Zaporozhie National University) who applied for the project announced by the Students League of the Ukrainian Bar Association, have qualified for the workshop after considering the results of their written assignments.

In total, there were four sessions concerned with cases resolution. As part of preparation for first sessions, the students learned the background of a case at home, and, therefore, the parties were discussing their positions in teams having their positions ready-made. However, during last sessions, the students were given cases at a session directly, and the parties had to start their disputes in as little as few minutes of brainstorming.

‘I am sure that similar workshops help future lawyers to not only improve their skills, but also develop the ability to respond quickly to changes in the situation, be flexible and learn to make immediately critical and important decisions, which is what lawyers do subject to their working conditions existing today, – A Gvozdetskiy said. – As the students were completing their tasks we made adjustments and discussed the best resolution for a given case’.

As the course ended, the students obtained certificates of their participation in the event from the Ukrainian Bar Association and shared their impressions.

‘Similar workshops allow for much better understanding of opportunities for dispute resolution and issues playing a key role when resolving cases and, in general, a variety of procedures that can be considered in detail and can be used as a lever of influence’,  – Polina Marchenko, a student at Zaporozhie National University said.

‘It was a great experience in the area of dispute resolution that allowed for solidifying practical skills. I would like to extend my best thanks to Spenser & Kauffmann and the Students League of the Ukrainian Bar Association for this great opportunity and my special thanks to Andrey Gvozdetskiy for a super-duper workshop’, – such was the impression of Alexey Prudius, a student at Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics.

The management of the law firm received also an official message of thanks from Daria Bezuglaya, the Head of the Students League of the Ukrainian Bar Association, who additionally specified that the most successful participants would have an opportunity to undertake summer internship with Spenser & Kauffmann.