Valentyn Zagariya and Yuriy Petrenko on the top of the international rating by Best Lawyers

According to the results of the survey ‘Best Lawyers 2017’ in Ukraine, Valentyn Zagariya and Yuriy Petrenko, partners at Spenser and Kauffmann, were recognized among best lawyers in Ukraine.

Valentyn Zagariya, the Managing Partner, is recommended in banking and financial law, corporate law, investments, land law, real estate, mergers and acquisitions law.

Yuriy Petrenko, Head of Litigation &Dispute Resolution Practice, was recognized as a leading judiciary law practitioner.

‘Recognition of our activities by Best Lawyers stands apart because the survey is founded on the assessments of customers and our counterparts, – V. Zagariya noted. – However, this award should no way be regarded as a personal win of the partners rewarded by the title. We would not be awarded except for the participation of the whole team which increased almost twice over the past month’.

‘Recommendation by Best Lawyers to use our services in the field of judicial practice is not first ever. It is evidence that judicial and litigation practice of Spenser and Kauffmann is undoubtedly among the best in Ukraine’, – Yu. Petrenko said.

Best Lawyers is one of the longest standing and reputable titles publishing legal ratings. It has been established in the United States about thirty years ago. Today top lawyers rankings are published in more than 70 countries around the world. Best Lawyers rankings are open: colleagues, counterparts, or a legal firm can nominate a lawyer as a candidate for ‘the best lawyer award’. Professionals who have been already included in past Best Lawyers rankings assess the candidates via anonymous vote. Best Lawyers specialists process the results of the vote and a nominee is entered to the list only if he/she has obtained a required number of points.