Signatories of Ethic Principles met to discuss changes to the agreement

On 19 May 2009 the signatories of ethical principles of doing legal business and fair competition between representatives of legal market hold their monthly meeting.

The meeting was attended by Sergiy Tiurin and Svitlana Trofymchuk (Sergiy Tiurin and Partners), Valentyn Zagariya and Victoria Ptashnyk (Spenser & Kauffmann), Konstiantyn Pylkov (Lavrynovych & Partners), Vitaliy Tytych (Vitaliy Tytych and Partners), Evgen Davydenko (Aries), Mykola Ochkolda (Legitymus).

The discussion touched upon (i) introducing certain changes to the wording of Ethical principles, (ii) possible ways of resolving disputes between signatories and processing of complaints of third parties to the actions of signatories, (iii) launch of Ethical principles web-site.

Participants of the meeting discussed new version of Ethical principles. According to Valentyn Zagariya who is the author of major changes, new version meets the demands of legal market players taking into account a half-year experience of implication of principles.

In particular, the chapter devoted to unethical advertising has been broadened. The signatories refuse from involving governmental bodies into promotion of their services.

Besides, the attendees expanded on chapters, regulating the functions of Principles’ coordinating committee. The changes also touched upon voting and decision-making procedure. As agreed, the decisions will be taken by absolute majority Ethical principles’ signatories.

The meeting resulted in introduction of new chapters on protecting each other’s rights in disputes with state authorities and third parties in case of their illegal acts towards the signatories.

Besides, the attendees considered two projects of Dispute procedure between the parties to agreement. One of them will become an integral part of Ethic principles after being approved by all the signatories at the next meeting.

The participants also approved the wording of Ethic principles web-site to be launched in the nearest future.

A reminder that on 26 November 2008 executives of 13 Ukrainian law firms signed the agreement entitled “The Main ethical principles of doing legal business and rules on competition in the Ukrainian legal market”.

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