European Arbitration Chamber appointed Valentyn Zagariya an arbitrator of International Commercial Arbitration Court

In April 2009 the European Arbitration Chamber announced the appointment of Valentyn Zagariya to the post of arbitrator of international Commercial Arbitration Court (the ICAC) at European Arbitration Chamber.

“The ICAC involves leading arbitration professionals from Eastern and Western Europe. The Court sets up specialized panels of arbitrators that join high-qualified individuals in law, finance, economics, etc., and I greatly appreciate opportunity to be a part of this”, says Valentyn Zagariya, managing partner with the law firm Spenser & Kauffmann.

The ICAC under the European Arbitration Chamber is an independent arbitration court, operating under the Belgian Judicial Code (Articles 1676-1723) and Rules. The Secretariat of the ICAC consists of two equal representative offices in the city of Brussels (Belgium) and in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine).